Privacy Statement: Objective:

Infosys Limited, its subsidiaries and branch operations hereinafter referred as ‘Infosys’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is committed to respect your privacy and choices.

The privacy statement (hereinafter “Privacy Statement” or “Statement”) highlights our privacy practices in compliance to applicable data privacy regulations.


The scope of this particular privacy statement as defined below is limited to the webpage(s) covered under the URL https://newsfeedsmartapp.com/codecracker/ as part of Infy Code Cracker Campaign.

Any webpages created and managed by Metropol on newsfeedsmartapp.com outside of the aforementioned Infy code cracker campaign will be governed by the policies of Metropol independently and Infosys shall not be responsible for the data processing on the same.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information via this website, except for the information captured via User/visitor’s browser local storage.This method does not involve any cookie or IP tracking. Instead, it assigns a unique user ID to every browser, which is then stored in user’s browser local storage, which means if next time the user plays, the same ID will be used. However, this method does not apply if the user switches browsers, clears their bowsing history, or uses incognito mode, as the user ID storage can be cleared in these cases. Therefore, if you prefer not to be tracked as part of this campaign, you can rely on any of the aforementioned methods (Clearing history, using incognito mode, switching browsers) to avoid such tracking. For more general information on Infosys privacy practices, please refer to Infosys Privacy Statement